Dumpster City

The Dorklings!

Just one hour after Spick & Spawn launched, the FDA banned the “eco-friendly” cleaning product for good. Its molecules could multiply, which tripled its reach – but in no time, it moved from toilets to trees, killing off entire ecosystems. On the other hand, it thrived in the Dorks’ favorite dump and seeped into their flesh, forming bulges as they slept. At dawn, those nasty nuggets hatched – and 2,500 Dorklings sprung forth. They’re a simpler and smaller breed, with 127 possible appendages in the mix (and plenty of surprises). However, it’s probably no surprise that Dorks don’t know a lick about parenting, so these insufferable infants need homes! Are you in?

To mint, you'll need: One Series 1 Dork and one Slimeball to burn (in the same wallet) OR Two Series 2 Dorks and one Slimeball to burn (in the same wallet)